Tuesday, September 3, 2013

a few more requests??

Hello good friends-

a special request??

We are at the airport for a midnite flight to our next set of meetings- 
We received a call and a lady member of our church, three kids, no husband, is in the hospital and apparently her kidneys are quitting, a situation far above the abilities of the local doctors. Her name (in english) is Grace. She is the aunt of one of our two teachers. She is in critical condition and they have called the capital to see if they can get a ICU airplane to fly up tomorrow and take her to the capital. We would appreciate your prayer for her, thanks.

One more request?
Our hosts and fellow missionaries Jerry and Linda Neuman (in fortaleza) on their way to church a few nights ago, were hit by an uninsured driver and I believe their car is totaled. He is the one that had the accident a few months back shattering his one leg. And they are the workforce behind the conferences there. I'm sure they are under a lot of strain right now and could use your prayers also- Thanks so much

Our schedule? 
a week of 5 classes ahead of us, (an add on we confirmed today, be there from 5th through 11th) then 
Sept 16 - 19 Natal seminary for a week of classes all day long:  "Christian Home".
Sept 20, banquet with MMM mission (that our kids Mike and Renee are directly working with in Cape Verde Africa.
Sept 21  One night class with a church on pornography
Sept 23 to 27 the 5th annual Biblical Counseling conference at SIBIMA seminary in Fortaleza, 4 tracks.
Sept 30 to Oct 2 -  six night classes, mini conference in "Russia" Ceara
Oct 4-6  finish the push with a YOUTH Retreat on the Fortaleza Beaches (and how i hate going to the beach) but this part promises to be the high point for me- I love working youth retreats.

Thanks for your prayers for Kim and I as we travel tonight, tomorrow night and the other trips
Do pray with us that the Holy Spirit will prepare hearts ahead of time that this will be a powerful few weeks of ministry.
and MUCH fruit

thanks so very much
your servants HIS bond slaves
Allen and Kimberly
Busy Month Ahead!
Sept 1-4  Aviation Physical and License work in Manaus
Sept 4 Fly Manaus to Fortaleza, Fortaleza to Cape Verde Africa
Sept 5- 11  5 Biblical Counseling Classes for the MMM Missionary group
Sept 11, return to Fortaleza
Sept 16 - 19  Natal Seminary- 32 classes on "Christian Home"
Sept 20  Banquet MMM Mission (where are kids are working under in Africa)
Sept 21  Big conference in a church in Fortaleza- Subject "Pornography"
Sept 23 - 27  SIBIMA seminary- 4 tracks of Biblical Counseling training (our 5th year)
Sept 30 to Oct 3  Mini- Conference Interior Ceara' at a town called "new Russia"
Oct 4-6 Youth Retreat Fortaleza
then Home on the 7th

Indian Institute (airplane ministry) going very well- restarting in October
In His Service
A & K

Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 2013

Snake bite story is over! PTL
Doing well
swelling going down very fast- walking again and back on the job!

Upcoming schedule:
March 1-17  in town - normal schedule with church plant
March 5  Indian Institute
March 4-9 probable extra trip to Manaus to work on (yup, you got it) aviation paperwork
March 19 -- headed home for one month furlough
March 20 -24 Houston and Austin Texas   with Son Peter and wife Faith
March 24-29  Concord Ga  (catch up time, get car running)
March 29-April 3 NJ  (meeting Easter Sunday Home church Haddon Heights Baptist)
                               see my Dad
April 7 AM Wealthy Park Baptist, Grand Rapids
             PM  Oxford Baptist-  Oxford MIch
April 10  Speaking at Chapel Cedarville University
April 11 - 12 with Son in Law Brandon and Daughter Regina two days Wisconsin
April 13-15 with Son Jonathan at NIU
April 17  Frankfort and Lafayette Indiana
April 21 Berean Baptist Griffin Ga
then next week back to Brazil

April 28- May 5  Manaus-  Airplane paperwork

thanks for your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jararaca bite part 2

Dear Friend

I had to come into town today for a not so pleasant reason, so thought I would pass this on to you now. Once again, it's hit and run, I head back in a few minutes to camp and wont have planned contact here until Wednesday next when camp is over.


I just received word that my dad has had a bad fall, broken his color bone and badly hurt his face, some 10 stiches on his mouth...  I don't have many details, but enough (considering our distance and us being at camp) to know he must be in a lot of pain and discomfort. He just celebrated his 88th birthday…. Please pray for him.. My sister Becky and her husband Bob are taking care of him.


I am also having a few small problems- may have to have a small intervention on the leg as infection is very close to a bone and with the doctor's advice, we want to avoid having any bone infection… Praise the Lord we have a great doctor (Chip Phillips) at our side (even though thousands of miles away) giving us his counsel and help!


CAMP?  Expecting 80 we have 120! (to put that in perspective, I took 10 drums of fuel off our hangar/house- weighing 3000 ponds, and another 3000 pounds of airplane, and in it's place added 19,000 lbs. of teenagers)   We are packed! We definitely need to plan more buildings…

And these teens are ready…. 

Very exciting!  Wish you were here to enjoy it with us… (though you would have to sleep in the basement)  Please pray, I believe God is very strongly at work in their hearts. This promises to be a very fruitful camp.

Especially pray for safety, already had one young man hurt and he went home. (nothing very serious but obviously any injury is serious in our book.)  And please continue to pray for Kimberly… who continues to astound me….  Put's a whole new meaning to "weaker vessel" J


May HIS name be praised.

Thanks for your important part in our work together for the Lord

Your servants  HIS bond slaves

Allen and Kimberly.


(PS   this is such a difference from the "old days" when we would send a letter home and you would get them weeks after the event)..



Dear Friend

A quick update/report that we OWE you as supporters, on a wild 30 days.

Camp #1 at SAI (our hospital site downriver) over: I believe there were 5-6 souls saved and there seemed to be MUCH fruit this year there. 70 campers.

Camp #2 ended yesterday (Wednesday 13) 120 campers. We had 5 youngsters saved and quite a few that "made decisions" to change lives and be more obedient in a smorgasbord of areas in their lives, from more faithful in devo.s, to repentance from others… As you know, this year (as never before) we had a "plague" of vipers..  I was hit a few days before (in the leg) we found one on the dock the day camp started, two in the water near land a few days later, and one on the dock the day they left, BUT NO INJURIES!  We put our Indian brethren to good work, they scouted out the land every day and cleared it for us J (incredible eyesight they have)… Phil Peace (colleague) killed two… We are hoping that this "plague" (as Egypt's) is history. (it was due to the very late and very fast river rising this year). We had teens from our town, two indian villages, Tonantins and Santo Antonio (two other ABWE missionary church plants).

My leg-   doing well. I was carried on a home made stretcher (though they refused to let me down from the roof as I requested) and sat in an easy chair for teaching. Half way through the week we had a small scare but it is doing much better now! Daily the swelling goes down. THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS. I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt God worked miraculously here to save me from what could have been much worse suffering!

My dad- I have heard nothing yet, hope to get caught up when I get into town to send this off.

Short future- Next week- (18-22) a full week of intensive pre-marital counseling with a couple.

                        19th and March 5-  two different Indian Bible Institute class days

                        March 17- April 17-  One month "furlough" visiting churches.

Once again, thanks for your love and prayers!

Your servants HIS bond slaves

Allen and Kimberly


Jararaca Bite part 1

Dear Friends

Well I guess my plan worked- tell my daughter and she tells the world---- her communication abilities are the best I have ever seen, thanks Renee and Mike!!! For being there when I really needed you!

The Title:   Al – 50,   Snake – 1

I have killed at least 50 snakes since here, this one scored

It was about a 4 foot Jararaca, very venomous. A friend of mine got hit by one a few months back in another town and he was bleeding through the nose, in the hospital for some time, etc etc (no details needed)

As short as possible-  We have a new yard guest, a wildcat that is eating my guards chickens…We also have our second very large camp coming, where we use my running trails for competition.

So, picture the scene, here goes great white boana with a pistol in one hand hoping to get a few shorts off at the cat and the machete in the other to clear the jungle trail up well for the camp next week

What I didn't know is Mr. Jararaca was sunbathing on the trail in the only very little part where the grass is high… As I took off, I was looking ahead to watch for the thorn bushes that cut across the paths. I felt a sharp pain (up front shin bone left leg 6 inches from the knee downward)  My FIRST thoughts were, wow, that was a large thorn =--- how did I miss it, (and I kept running another 5 steps.)  The mind then started saying- "go back and cut it away so you wont trip on it again next lap. 

As I went back I saw the snake slithering off into the jungle (I was going to put here that I found him upside down shivering in pain from food poisoning)….My reaction? cold chill…..    I looked down and blood was coming through my sock…        "snake 1"   (I had stepped right on him and he was not a happy sunbather)

Can't run on a snake bite… so I started walking home (only about 30 yards, PTL I wasn't a mile back on my run) and yelled  for Kim to get the snake bite zapper (a half power stun gun that wont hurt anybody but zaps the poison and  "neutralizes it"… my thoughts? Wow, I'm finally going to get to test that out having bought it some 25 years ago….  Get my money's worth out of it.

I made it to the canoe to cross over and pushed it off, got stuck on a tree… the workers wife plunged into the river (my heroin) and got the canoe loose and towed me to the house. Kim got the shocker out, it was not working. So she ran for the little portable one and it did work (I zapped myself 15 times… and believe me it was quite a bit more painful than the snake bite and my yells sounded like the fog horns, I know that because people were pulling over to let me through J  (again, just kidding on that part)

From bite to hospital, 35 minutes. MIRACLE:  A doctor was there. Miracle 2- they had antivenins. 

I had three very painful hours during the night, but all that passed. At one point the leg swelled and foot so I could put no weight on it.

I'm not here to make or sell a product but when I zapped the bite  I could SEE the swelling going down. The doctor could not believe I wasn't  loosing blood this morning, so he gave me permission to go home as long as I keep foot elevated, no running, rest, for two weeks.


Speaking of rest- thanks for praying>  OUR BIG CAMP OF THE YEAR STARTS WEDNESDAY.  I am speaking 23 times. Fortunately they have game directors to do all the rest.


Have a GREAT DAY, and thanks to the hundreds of people who prayed for me.

With love

Your servants HIS bondslaves

Al and Kimberly


2 comments stood out

1-      Elijah (Mike and Renee's #2)  .. with fear in his eyes….  "Is grandpa saved?" to which Renee said yes.  (relief in eyes) he says "oh good, then if he dies he is going to heaven"!

2-      My oriental daughter in law---- she thinks I'm brave (or dumb?? Sometimes things get lost in the translation)  for zapping myself with a stun gun….


Update Sunday PM

I am very hesitant about writing another update… but will not be back online for the next 10 days so thought I would drop you all a line. (just received a few requests for updates) We will have email till Monday late morning.

We have been so overwhelmed (maybe overjoyed is a better word)  with the numbers of prayer chains and churches praying for me at this time, calculating literally in the thousands….

God is in control..  The man I told you about last month, same snake, had much bleeding. The man in this hospital that was hit a week ago (out hunting) has had to have some surgical process to help him. There have been two amputations in the last 4 years for lack of meds and care.

Me? I missed church all day… That's all.   The leg is stable, so we decided not to push it at all. Not able to  support any weight or stand with it down. But it really is feeling great especially considering all the suffering that God has spared me from. Our plans now- body horizontal, foot high for a few days. Anti-venom treatments are over.  Other treatments continue.

We head home tomorrow, then camp starts Wednesday- which sounds radical but really isn't.  It promises to have up to 80 campers. I will post a picture of "preaching from my hammock"… promises to be a first… I will not be coming back to town for the next 10 days.

Renee (our firstborn) will keep track and if communications need to be made, she is our common link. Kim is going to try her hand at getting email middle of the week.

Pray with us for:

-          Healing;

-           Kim and all the work load;

-           Safety for the campers (the very small area the snake was in is being flushed out to make sure my friends family are not still slithering in the high grass).

-          Safety for the three boat loads of youth coming to the camp,

-          AND MUCH FRUIT. This promises to be quite a camp.

We love and appreciate your prayers very much

Always, your servants HIS bond slaves- Allen and Kimberly



update January 2013

Dear Friend:

Well graduation is over.
the service was one of the best of many years
THE CAMERA'S LITHIUM BATTERY died after one picture... (of the cake)
sooooo no pictures.
HOWEVER we were promised some pictures by the young man that also took many so we will put some pictures out as soon as we get copies, it may take a week or two.

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!  it was a very emotional and wonderful evening- after
12 years of IBAS, some 60 students that went through,                                                                                                                to weep in joy with our first four graduates, bachelor degree in Theology/ministry

Here are the thoughts that went through my head as I fell asleep last night, an old song from my teen days ---

O God, the world is lost in sin,
And so few who seem to care!
Many of whom profess Thy name,
No burden will help to bear.
Give me a passion Lord, for Souls
To bring the lost ones to Thee;
Our hearts must be stirred,
till all have heard
of Jesus of Calvary

Don't let me rust, or my life be
A failure, my God, to Thee.
Use me and all I have, dear Lord,
And draw me so close to Thee
That I feel the throb
Of the great heart of God,
O let me burn out for Thee.

Always, your servants, HIS bond slaves

Allen and Kimberly



update december 2012

Dear Friend,


Adoniram Judson, missionary to Burma, endured untold hardships. For 7 heartbreaking years he suffered hunger and privation. During this time, 17 months were spent in almost incredible mistreatment in Ava Prison, resulting in ugly marks made by the chains and iron shackles. Upon release he asked for permission to enter another province. The godless ruler indignantly denied his request, saying, "My people are not fools enough to listen to anything a missionary might SAY, but I fear they might be impressed by your SCARS and turn to your religion!


In preparing the Christmas program, I have done some research on "the great cloud of witnesses" that have gone before us. We also are reflecting on how many USA pastors right now are suffering far more than we have even had to. "Deny self and take up your cross and follow me" is becoming more and more painful in its reality for those serious in obeying the LORD of Christmas. May God give YOU all peace, even as "the love of many waxes cold". May Christmas somehow move believers to look at the cross more than what is under the tree, be worried about fulfilling the commission far more than who wins an election or a ball game. We are praying for you all also…  Maranatha! And MERRY CHRISTMAS.


NEWS from the Amazon front:


1) CESP kid's club not only is doing real well in its last few weeks before Christmas break, but we have seen CESP start up in Atalaia (a town upriver) and now a church way down in Sao Paulo (in the "slums" of that massive city) is asking for Kim to help them start a club there also, (by long distance!)  thanks to our son in law Brandon Bell who was there preparing the way for his and Regina's future ministry as missionaries.


2) IBAS- after two churches, two towns and now 12 years of teaching, We are going to see our first graduation. Three will get their Bachelors degree in Bible and Ministerial studies.  A young lady, our Ticuna Missionary and our Peruvian deacon. Amidst great rejoicing we still are sad we have no future pastor from the program, which was our main goal. Graduation is on Jan. 6. Our church remains pastor-less… thanks for your prayers!


3) Aviation/Indians- amidst impossible conditions (we serve the God of the impossible) the plane is still being used to "teach the tribes" now with THREE villages holding classes. We need help! Thanks for your prayers. The third, we just made contact, has a promised more than 100 students that will gather monthly to study God's word, a mix of youth and older men and a few women. We are also organizing weeklong blocks of training now in town to help economize.


4) Christmas program is in the cooker… We have a very talented young lady that loves drama and music and their preparations have been powerful and God Honoring!


5) We are preparing for two camps again this year, one in Santo Antonio (the hospital site) where we will be speaking all week and then the next one, our normal full week one up here at our camp- both next year (end of Jan. beginning of Feb.)


6) Pray for our church leadership--- we still struggle with many issues that keep us from being able to turn this work over and start anew.


7) The yearly big VBS is also upcoming--- a big one, done mostly by them.


Thanks so much for everything- your love, faithful prayers and support

We love and will miss you all this Christmas.


Always Your servants HIS bond slaves

Allen and Kimberly