Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Busy Month Ahead!
Sept 1-4  Aviation Physical and License work in Manaus
Sept 4 Fly Manaus to Fortaleza, Fortaleza to Cape Verde Africa
Sept 5- 11  5 Biblical Counseling Classes for the MMM Missionary group
Sept 11, return to Fortaleza
Sept 16 - 19  Natal Seminary- 32 classes on "Christian Home"
Sept 20  Banquet MMM Mission (where are kids are working under in Africa)
Sept 21  Big conference in a church in Fortaleza- Subject "Pornography"
Sept 23 - 27  SIBIMA seminary- 4 tracks of Biblical Counseling training (our 5th year)
Sept 30 to Oct 3  Mini- Conference Interior Ceara' at a town called "new Russia"
Oct 4-6 Youth Retreat Fortaleza
then Home on the 7th

Indian Institute (airplane ministry) going very well- restarting in October
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