Friday, January 21, 2011

January 2011

Our Schedule:   Jan. 21 and beyond…


Today, Jonathan left home in Atlanta Georgia, airline, for Dunbar Wi. where he is entering Northland Baptist College where he will either get a degree or turn into an ice cube… it was 50 here when he left and will be -12 tonight there.


Mike and Renee visited us passing through for a meeting down south.

They leave for Miami today and back through here on Monday on their way back home to Lafayette, Indiana.


We are moving out of our home Jan. 31…


Feb 3 in Oxford Michigan

Feb 6-13 in Lafayette In for another round of Biblical Counseling courses.


February 16, the big day- we head out to Brazil to start another term, (and thaw out)


Feb. 18-27-  Get DNY flying again, get home, set up (and repair) home, meetings with the leadership of the church to see how everything went and is going, and set up goals for this year (Lord willing including the  graduation of the first students from IBAS, the ordination of the first pastor, the turning over of the church formally.


March 2-9 The BIG camp of the year- carnival time camp.


The paperwork that finally arrived for the airplane is no good. We will start that project over again.


The Indian institute continued on the entire time we were gone.

The church did their own youth camp

The church just finished doing a large VBS and the comments were it was exhausting and a large blessing.


It will be very good to get back to ministry- we have loved getting together with all of you! But we deeply missed the ministry and are very excited about teaching/preaching/counseling/serving, and being able to send you reports of what God is doing to establish HIS church in the Amazon, Brazil.


Thanks to all of you for your love, prayers, and support.


Your servants HIS bondslaves

al and Kimberly