Saturday, June 30, 2012

July 2012

Years ago, a friend of mine with the DEA, when asked how well they
were doing made the statement,
"Let me put it this way, I have job security." We could echo the same
words here in SPO. J

But first, the indescribable incomprehensible blessings from His mighty hand:

- We are seeing much fruit in discipleship and Biblical counseling training.
- Our airplane's "substitute," the speedboat, though twice as
expensive for travel, is running well even after 25 + years without
overhaul. (next project . . .)
- We did receive (via 7 changes of hands) the one part to get us
airborne again.
- We are working with a new group of 5 young men to groom for the
future leadership.
- We have a strong youth group yet.
- We have two tribal villages where we do monthly Bible classes.
- We have two to graduate from IBAS and a new group of 7 students started.
- We have Biblical Counseling training here, in SAI, and in Fortaleza.
- CESP - a huge success!

* Sending men out to get an education has not shown fruit. Bringing
them in has not lasted. The "home grown" has still been the most
fruitful: Pr Cristiano, pastor of the BC church (with multiple leaders
and a missionary), a product of our youth group; Pr Jacó, pastor of
the Santo Antonio church (with multiple leaders and missionaries, at
the hospital site) from the BC youth group

Our major challenge: the SPO church

12 years - no pastor, and a disappearing leadership (even after the
two large exoduses, we remain "perplexed, but not in despair").
The proposed future pastor (repercussions from events 20 years ago
when he was unsaved have caused documentation woes that prevent him
from pastoring for the next 4-5 years) has now chosen to back off from
the IBAS training; therefore, will not be graduating. (He does still
help in the preaching.)
The older deacon at church was offered a job preaching upriver in a
little village - may be leaving soon.
The younger deacon, also in "on the job training as youth pastor"
(overworked at his job), is dropping out of IBAS and now talking of
returning to his tribe to help them with their youth,(a noble

* I sometimes wonder why the churches with so much leadership seek
helpers from the church that is so needy, and not vice versa. We are
passively pensive about what God may have in mind for SPO and its
Please especially pray about this request – leadership – with us! Thanks.

And to the more humorous side of challenges: Banks whose ATM machines
(our way to get money from the USA) withdraw money from our account in
the States but don't do the final step of giving it to us here;
magical post offices that make letters disappear; books ordered 12
months ago that never make it to us; our computer/internet system
compromised for the second time, even with good virus protection (so
sorry to those that got the bogus email letters from us) . . . but
then, we DO live in the jungle J, not


1. 12 years and our goal for turnover will be delayed . . . Down to
only 2 to graduate from IBAS, including no male leadership at this
time for our church. Pray as we seek wisdom to know how best to use
IBAS at this point.
2. This church needs a pastor. Pray that we may know which way to go to get one.
3. Aviation: annual inspections that take months, parts bought in
February that still have not made it to us, fuel ordered months ago
that hasn't even been purchased yet . . . No help for the aging and
weary ( J that would be yours truly).
4. The Ticuna Bible Institutes: The main Ticuna church (Bible
Institute) "kicking us out" as they are now "Korean" (past invasion of
proselytes) and "not Baptist," yet many individuals still begging for
training. Pray with us for the airplane, energy, and wisdom as we
attack this problem by working in two new centers, one of which we
have 30 students.
5. MEN? Faithful men in the church? Pray as I need to drop some things
and start anew to do a better job in this area.
6. Our kids, Mike and Renee (about to head out to the field, just
waiting for VISA clearance) and Brandon and Regina (still on

Your servants, HIS bond slaves
Allen and Kimberly