Sunday, November 21, 2010

getting our attention

Pray for the Aviation Church Planting work in São Paulo de Olivença

Is God is getting our attention?- we need prayer

Two weeks before we go home on furlough, we are robbed by our own guard
of two stainless steel drums of AVGAS- forcing us to move out all AVGAS
and leave the airplane in a hangar 150 miles upriver from “home”.

Military control turns to Civil Control in Aviation- result- Hangar license revoked.
The airplanes are taken to another shop for annuals. We are grounded for 3 years.
One airplane (above left corner) is now airworthy. The other airplane:
came up needing a lot of work…

To solve our woes, God supplied a new friend, Tim Lankford, BMM MK
now Continental pilot USA/Europe
who purchased a shop in Manaus
And a few weeks ago, along came a storm
and blew the hangar roof off.

Few weeks ago, our home town, with water at a record low and heavy rains, had a
landslide- leaving people without jobs, 200 without homes, and a fledgling church with a
lot to do.

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Thanks for your prayers
Allen and Kimberly