Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jararaca Bite part 1

Dear Friends

Well I guess my plan worked- tell my daughter and she tells the world---- her communication abilities are the best I have ever seen, thanks Renee and Mike!!! For being there when I really needed you!

The Title:   Al – 50,   Snake – 1

I have killed at least 50 snakes since here, this one scored

It was about a 4 foot Jararaca, very venomous. A friend of mine got hit by one a few months back in another town and he was bleeding through the nose, in the hospital for some time, etc etc (no details needed)

As short as possible-  We have a new yard guest, a wildcat that is eating my guards chickens…We also have our second very large camp coming, where we use my running trails for competition.

So, picture the scene, here goes great white boana with a pistol in one hand hoping to get a few shorts off at the cat and the machete in the other to clear the jungle trail up well for the camp next week

What I didn't know is Mr. Jararaca was sunbathing on the trail in the only very little part where the grass is high… As I took off, I was looking ahead to watch for the thorn bushes that cut across the paths. I felt a sharp pain (up front shin bone left leg 6 inches from the knee downward)  My FIRST thoughts were, wow, that was a large thorn =--- how did I miss it, (and I kept running another 5 steps.)  The mind then started saying- "go back and cut it away so you wont trip on it again next lap. 

As I went back I saw the snake slithering off into the jungle (I was going to put here that I found him upside down shivering in pain from food poisoning)….My reaction? cold chill…..    I looked down and blood was coming through my sock…        "snake 1"   (I had stepped right on him and he was not a happy sunbather)

Can't run on a snake bite… so I started walking home (only about 30 yards, PTL I wasn't a mile back on my run) and yelled  for Kim to get the snake bite zapper (a half power stun gun that wont hurt anybody but zaps the poison and  "neutralizes it"… my thoughts? Wow, I'm finally going to get to test that out having bought it some 25 years ago….  Get my money's worth out of it.

I made it to the canoe to cross over and pushed it off, got stuck on a tree… the workers wife plunged into the river (my heroin) and got the canoe loose and towed me to the house. Kim got the shocker out, it was not working. So she ran for the little portable one and it did work (I zapped myself 15 times… and believe me it was quite a bit more painful than the snake bite and my yells sounded like the fog horns, I know that because people were pulling over to let me through J  (again, just kidding on that part)

From bite to hospital, 35 minutes. MIRACLE:  A doctor was there. Miracle 2- they had antivenins. 

I had three very painful hours during the night, but all that passed. At one point the leg swelled and foot so I could put no weight on it.

I'm not here to make or sell a product but when I zapped the bite  I could SEE the swelling going down. The doctor could not believe I wasn't  loosing blood this morning, so he gave me permission to go home as long as I keep foot elevated, no running, rest, for two weeks.


Speaking of rest- thanks for praying>  OUR BIG CAMP OF THE YEAR STARTS WEDNESDAY.  I am speaking 23 times. Fortunately they have game directors to do all the rest.


Have a GREAT DAY, and thanks to the hundreds of people who prayed for me.

With love

Your servants HIS bondslaves

Al and Kimberly


2 comments stood out

1-      Elijah (Mike and Renee's #2)  .. with fear in his eyes….  "Is grandpa saved?" to which Renee said yes.  (relief in eyes) he says "oh good, then if he dies he is going to heaven"!

2-      My oriental daughter in law---- she thinks I'm brave (or dumb?? Sometimes things get lost in the translation)  for zapping myself with a stun gun….


Update Sunday PM

I am very hesitant about writing another update… but will not be back online for the next 10 days so thought I would drop you all a line. (just received a few requests for updates) We will have email till Monday late morning.

We have been so overwhelmed (maybe overjoyed is a better word)  with the numbers of prayer chains and churches praying for me at this time, calculating literally in the thousands….

God is in control..  The man I told you about last month, same snake, had much bleeding. The man in this hospital that was hit a week ago (out hunting) has had to have some surgical process to help him. There have been two amputations in the last 4 years for lack of meds and care.

Me? I missed church all day… That's all.   The leg is stable, so we decided not to push it at all. Not able to  support any weight or stand with it down. But it really is feeling great especially considering all the suffering that God has spared me from. Our plans now- body horizontal, foot high for a few days. Anti-venom treatments are over.  Other treatments continue.

We head home tomorrow, then camp starts Wednesday- which sounds radical but really isn't.  It promises to have up to 80 campers. I will post a picture of "preaching from my hammock"… promises to be a first… I will not be coming back to town for the next 10 days.

Renee (our firstborn) will keep track and if communications need to be made, she is our common link. Kim is going to try her hand at getting email middle of the week.

Pray with us for:

-          Healing;

-           Kim and all the work load;

-           Safety for the campers (the very small area the snake was in is being flushed out to make sure my friends family are not still slithering in the high grass).

-          Safety for the three boat loads of youth coming to the camp,

-          AND MUCH FRUIT. This promises to be quite a camp.

We love and appreciate your prayers very much

Always, your servants HIS bond slaves- Allen and Kimberly