Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Special Project List

Special Project's list



1-     The Brazilian Mission paperwork- (aviation) it has taken a long step forward last week. We hope to get the airplane's paperwork all in order as we start this next term.


2-     The new shop- Tim Lankford's shop seems to be our only option open to us. Pray still for the funding we need to replace his roof that was destroyed in that storm.



3-     New pilots-  Things are looking much better for the continuation of the aviation ministry, but we as yet do not have replacements on hand to take over the flying of our little band of Cessna's… Please pray that if it is God's will to continue on, that He would soon supply some new pilots, either American or Brazilian to join the team.


4-     Annual Inspection-  We will be headed back to Brazil early next year, the first project being doing an annual inspection on DNY then flying it back down to SPO to start a new term



5-     Teams- we are still hoping to have workers/teams in several areas. Tim is looking for mechanics that would give a short term to his maintenance hangar, with A&P and experience in doing annuals, on airplanes and/or helicopters


6-     On land hangar- We are anticipating the possible construction of a hangar on land. More details after we get back and do some preliminary work.




1-    MAP- missionary apprentice-  Any older high school or college age that are interested in the MAP program for next summer or any other summer, please contact us at allenyoder@aol.com


2-    GYM FLOOR-  We will be having to re-cover (cement work) the gym floor behind our church (part of our property). Any teams of cement workers interested, please contact us as above…



3-    Long range projects this term- we are anticipating the moving of the floating house downriver to another point in the latter part of this term.