Thursday, July 8, 2010

On the road

Dear Friends,

Hello to you all- crazy two weeks, 5000 miles on the road- sometimes I wonder if there is a better way… but wow, what a blessing it is getting to see you all again and have the sweet fellowship we so miss when on the field. Besides meeting in churches, we also got to work on a few planes with Phil Bowers, a man that has made it his mission to help us missionary pilots in a big way.

Next on the list is a renewal course in Nashville Tuesday, and then up north east to see Al's folks for the first time this furlough! We are really looking forward to that - Our nephew Robbie Colby will be getting married on the 10th, all gifts can go to the Yoder aviation fund (just kidding)…

We then have a week at the ABWE ME conference and will get to help out at the new candidate training school the week after. We have a meeting in the far north of New York state Aug 1, then a wedding in Oxford Michigan the 6th/7th, a long drive to Atlanta overnight as we board Sunday afternoon for Brazil again.

August: 9- 13 we are in the annual meeting of the ABCB (Brazilian Association of Biblical Counselors). 16 – 20 (please mark these for special prayer!!) we head to the other end of Brazil to Manaus where we hope to renew our Mechanic license, Move the other plane to a shop that will help me rebuild it, and work on aviation paperwork. 23- 27 we return to Fortaleza to team teach an entire track 1 and 2 conference in Biblical Counseling. We head back for home arriving Lord willing August 30, Atlanta.

Many pastors and churches have asked for project needs- our outstanding one now is the finances to do the rebuild on the airplane engine and equipment for the shop.

Please pray with us as this is no small project, but we have no small God! We should have (in about a month) a website with all the information, films, description, etc.

Thanks again for your love and prayers. Looking forward to seeing the rest of you in the months to come as we head to your churches for the needed report.

Your servant, HIS bondslaves
Allen and Kimberly Yoder